books i recommend


Poster Child: A Memoir – Emily Rapp

Emily Rapp, who lost her leg at age 4 to PFFD, takes you through her childhood and explores her changing views on her relationship with her differently abled body.

Just Don’t Fall – Josh Sundquist

Josh Sundquist, also a famous YouTube celeb I’m (not so secretly) obsessed with, navigates the triumphs and tumults of losing his leg to cancer and growing up to become a Paralympic athlete and successful motivational speaker.

Double Take – Kevin Michael Connolly

Kevin Connolly (no, not the actor) is a total badass! Born without legs, he travels the world with his skateboard and camera. His memoir features many of his photographs, which focus on people who stare at him because of his disability.

No Excuses – Kyle Maynard

Only 19 when he wrote this, Kyle Maynard had already accomplished a ton more than the average adult. He tells of his time as a champion wrestler throughout high school and college. He now owns his own gym in Georgia and encourages others, especially wounded soldiers, how to achieve and maintain a peak level of fitness.


The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

As an English major and literature nerd, I don’t say this lightly: this is my FAVORITE book. It follows young cancer patients Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters (who lost his leg to the disease) as they fall in love and discover a world of happiness in the little moments.

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

So as not to spoil the book (or the movie, if you haven’t seen it yet), I’ll just say this: the male lead, Peeta Mellark, looses his leg in the first book of the series.

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