media monday – tony memmel’s latest music video

“I wanna see like everything is still unseen. It burns inside, and I am so alive.” – Tony Memmel

Happy birthday to Tony Memmel!

In honor of today, here’s some music to get your Monday off to a great start! This is Tony Memmel’s music video for “Clenched Hands Brave Demands,” the single from his new album of the same name. I ordered the album – it’s so good! I love Tony’s lyrics, and it helps that he’s also a really cool guy. He even wrote me a long and thoughtful message on Facebook when I asked him about guitar picking (which I haven’t quite mastered yet). And how awesome is it that his wife Lesleigh plays the keyboard and sings backup vocals for the band? I love it when couples do cool things like that together, and the Memmels are so so cute!

If you love Tony, you can order the album and check out all the merchandise here.

Enjoy the song. I hope it makes you feel, well, ALIVE.



Caitlin Michelle

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