officially a cyborg

25Wednesday was a pretty big day for me, partly because I turned 25 but mostly because I officially became a cyborg. It was the day I brought home my new BeBionic hand from Prosthetics in Motion. The arm, whose design was inspired by the look of the Star Wars Stormtroopers, has eight different grips and features a wrist (made by Ottobock) that rotates 360 degrees.

Even before I left the prosthetists’ clinic, I was playing with building blocks and making (horribly unstable) structures with the new hand. And then I spent that night out with friends spinning butter knives 360 degrees (to the horror of the bartenders.) I even managed to open all my birthday gifts with it.


Seriously, I’ve only had this hand for a few days and I’m already in love with it and everything it can do. I can’t wait to post more updates and photos and videos here!


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