my life in GIFs: a look back at summer 2013

Summer 2013 has been a season to remember for the limb difference community. So let’s recap all the awesome events with some GIFs, shall we?


The season was off to a great start when Nicole Kelly was crowned Miss Iowa 2013:

Now we’re all rooting for her and thinking:

Nick Newell became an XFC champion:

And we cheered for him like:

Tony Memmel released the “Lucky Fin Song,” the official theme song of the Lucky Fin Project:

And we sang along like:

Bethany Hamilton tied the knot with Adam Dirks:

Which had us all like:

Then we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Jim Abbott’s no-hitter:

And we basically did a collective happy dance:


So yeah, I’d say this summer was a great one. And I have a feeling the next season will be just as eventful and exciting, so:



Caitlin Michelle

(Newell, Memmel, and Abbott GIFs made by me; all others were found on Google and Tumblr)
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i’m a redhead



They say change is good, especially following a big life event. And after a rough breakup with my boyfriend of the past 2 years, I figured I needed to refresh my look a bit. So now I’m a redhead and my hair matches my personality a little more. It’s also the first time I ever color my hair, so this is big for me! I’m excited about my new mermaid hair (yes, it’s totally mermaid hair) and can’t wait to continue 2013, which I’ve dubbed my year of living fearlessly.

On to the next adventure….


Happy Monday!

Caitlin Michelle


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end-of-year updates

Hello, all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season. I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging as often as I would like, but I’m getting back on the ball for the new year! In the meantime, here are a few exciting updates on

what I’m up to right now:

My new job is going super well! I love working at Current, and I especially like working with my former boss at Oxygen again – she’s awesome. The hours are long and I’m constantly busy, which is why I haven’t had as much time to write, but I’m loving every minute of it!

I’m 21 (as of tomorrow, anyway). I am now officially recognized as an adult and can be served alcoholic drinks at bars and restaurants. Also, I’ve been told this is the last birthday I’ll be excited about celebrating before I start feeling “old.” So we’ll see….

I am now a pet owner! That’s right – I adopted a beautiful Yorkie, the dog I’ve always wanted. I’ve named him Augustus (yes, after the character in The Fault in our Stars). Pictures to come!


Okay, so that’s it for now. Tell me: what are your big changes for the New Year?



Caitlin Michelle

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