media monday – aimee mullins for l’oreal

Have you seen this commercial air during any of your favorite shows recently? On the surface, it seems like any other cosmetics ad: a beautiful woman with perfect skin tells you why she loves the beauty product she’s supposed to be selling. What you most likely don’t realize (until the end of the commercial, of course) is that the woman, Aimee Mullins, is missing both legs below the knee. Mullins is a Renaissance woman who has done everything from competing in the Paralympics to walking the runway for Alexander McQueen.

The best part about this ad is that they’re not trying to sell an alternative version of beauty, like Dove and their campaign to promote healthy body image. Instead, this commercial focuses on Mullins’s ethnic heritage and skin tone. They don’t need to explain anything about Mullins or her career. They’re just promoting their product with a gorgeous spokesmodel. And at the end of the day, her lack of legs doesn’t even get mentioned. She’s selling makeup simply because she’s pretty. She’s getting attention for something that’s not her disability. And that’s all we can ask for, right?



Caitlin Michelle

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