halloween 2014

This year’s Halloween costume came together at the last minute, but I think it turned out okay.


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halloween scary versus halloween pretty – next year’s halloween costume

Happy Halloween! This greeting might either seem too late (as October 31st was two days ago) or too early (since Halloween has been rescheduled here in Jersey). In any case, I hope you had/have an awesome day and celebrate(d) to the fullest! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday because, even now in my twenties, I LOVE dressing up. How fun is it to just pull on a costume and become someone else for the day? Maybe it’s the dramatic flair in me (yes, I was a theater kid in high school), but I think picking out what to be for Halloween ranks at about the same level of pure joy as opening your first present on Christmas Eve. This year, I dressed as Black Widow from the new Avengers movie. A group of my friends and I were all going to be superheroes together, but Hurricane Sandy decided to rain on our parade. Anyway, I was thinking yesterday about what costume I would’ve worn if my friends hadn’t decided for me. And of course, I was thinking of how I could incorporate my one-armedness into said costume.

The costume version

When I was little (and I mean long before my mother would let me be caught dead in one of those “sexy” costumes), I used to have two options when choosing costumes: I could be something scary like a witch or something pretty like a ballerina. Naturally, I preferred the latter. What little girl doesn’t dream of being a Disney princess? And who wouldn’t jump at the chance to dress like one, even if just for a day? But as I grew older, my parents and friends started suggesting that I use my arm as a prop for my costumes. They suggested I dress as a zombie or as a pirate, both of which sounded ugly and unappealing to my younger self. I already felt like a not-too-pretty freak without an arm. So even though no one intended to be mean with their costume suggestions, it still hurt. And there was no way I was going to dress up as something monstrous or frightening.

Cool prop, huh?

Over the years, as I’ve grown more comfortable with myself, I’ve become more and more open to the idea of using my short arm in my Halloween costumes. And even though I didn’t put much thought into my costume this year, with a hurricane looming and online classes to finish and a job that ate up a lot of my time, I have plenty of really cool ideas I plan to use in the future. And I already know what I’m going to dress as next year. If you’ve ever seen a Tim Burton cartoon movie, you’ll know that his characters are simultaneously adorable and creepy-looking. And they almost always live in an odd fantasy sort of world that is both strange and cute. One of my favorite Burton movies is The Corpse Bride, which tells the story of a young dead woman named Emily who was brutally murdered on the day of her wedding and who is desperate for the love of the soon-to-be-married Victor. If it weren’t for her blue hair and decomposing flesh, Emily could totally pass for your average cartoon leading lady. And it just so happens that most of her skin decay manifests itself on her left side, which means that her arm is basically all bones. How cool would it be if I wore an old wedding dress (which can probably be bought cheaply at a vintage shop or a Goodwill store) and just used duct tape to fasten a skeleton arm prop to my small arm? Add blue hairspray for my already-curly long hair and a tulle veil – and voila! I’m the Corpse Bride.

Emily the Corpse Bride

So there’s my costume idea for next year. And the best part is that Emily is pretty. She’s not a scary or ugly character at all, which just proves that I’m not limited to being a creepy zombie. My inner child can still be content with my very pretty costume choice. And now that I have this all planned out, I’m sooooo excited for next year’s Halloween! I’ll just need to find all the clothes and props in time, which I hope works out.

But if that fails, I’m going as a sexy pirate queen with a really badass hook.



Caitlin Michelle

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