people’s sexiest man alive

People Magazine released their annual Sexiest Man Alive issue earlier this week and, while the top honor went to Magic Mike actor Channing Tatum, guess who else was featured in the glossy pages? Olympic/Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius was lucky number 8 on the list of Sexiest Men of 2012, which doesn’t surprise me much because…well…look at him! The guy’s extraordinarily handsome and super talented.

The photo featured in People Magazine

So does this mean what I think (and hope) it means? Is our society loosening its strict standards of attractiveness and embracing those with physical differences? Or was People Magazine just trying to add a buzzworthy Olympian to celebrate London 2012? Were they trying to be politically correct by including Oscar in their list?

Or maybe I’m looking into it too much. Maybe this has nothing to do with the fact that Oscar is missing both legs. Maybe they just picked him because he’s really hot.



Caitlin Michelle


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