my life in GIFs: a look back at summer 2013

Summer 2013 has been a season to remember for the limb difference community. So let’s recap all the awesome events with some GIFs, shall we?


The season was off to a great start when Nicole Kelly was crowned Miss Iowa 2013:

Now we’re all rooting for her and thinking:

Nick Newell became an XFC champion:

And we cheered for him like:

Tony Memmel released the “Lucky Fin Song,” the official theme song of the Lucky Fin Project:

And we sang along like:

Bethany Hamilton tied the knot with Adam Dirks:

Which had us all like:

Then we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Jim Abbott’s no-hitter:

And we basically did a collective happy dance:


So yeah, I’d say this summer was a great one. And I have a feeling the next season will be just as eventful and exciting, so:



Caitlin Michelle

(Newell, Memmel, and Abbott GIFs made by me; all others were found on Google and Tumblr)
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