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Me with The Glee Project’s Damian McGinty (formerly Rory Flanagan on Glee), Samuel Larsen (Joe Hart on Glee), Cameron Mitchell, and fellow intern Brittany

Big things have been happening lately in my life, and I’d be a pretty bad blogger if I didn’t share them here. So with that being said, I have an announcement to make:

After a year of interning and almost 7 months of working there full-time, I’m leaving the Oxygen Network. I’ve had great times and wonderful memories working on shows like The Glee Project and Tori & Dean, but I think it’s time to move on. In two weeks’ time, I will officially become the Social Media Coordinator for Current TV. I love working in media and look forward to transitioning from reality TV to politics. It’s different, yes. And it will be an interesting first few weeks adjusting to a new company with a new staff in a new section of New York City. But I find comfort in knowing that my first boss and mentor will once again become my supervisor. And it’s great knowing that she’ll be there as I start this new leg of my career.

The Glee Project’s Hannah McIalwain, Brittany, and I are total Gleeks

Am I scared? Yes, of course. This will only be my second full-time job at a major media company, and I’ve got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about my first day. But I’m also super beyond-anything excited about this opportunity. I love politics and I feel like I’ll be able to really make a difference.


Inspired and hopeful and excited,

Caitlin Michelle



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snapshot saturday – mario and sidney

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. I took this photo with my iPhone at work minutes after filming a vlog with Mario Bonds, an up-and-coming musician who competed on The Glee Project. One of my favorite things about working at Oxygen has been meeting the contenders and running the social media accounts for The Glee Project, a reality competition series that finds a fresh face for the following season of the hit show Glee. This past season of The Glee Project (which aired during the summer) featured three contenders with disabilities: Mario Bonds is blind, Charlie Lubeck has mild autism and ADHD, and Ali Stroker uses a wheelchair. And of course, all three are excellent performers.

What I love about this particular photo, though, is the genuine happiness on Mario’s face. I feel like I almost interrupted a very sweet bonding moment between man and guide dog (a beautiful black lab named Sidney). This was one of those “taken at just the right moment” pictures and, even after a photography class and several months of practice, I still feel like it’s my best shot ever.


Caitlin Michelle

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