looking the part

While I’ve had my share of regrettable fashion choices (you can ask my former boss about the summer I cycled through 12 different colors of the same t-shirt dress), I’ve always considered myself a rather stylish person. I love dressing up, and I’m a big believer in the idea that what you wear influences how you act. So the minute I found out I was hired for a new teaching job, I knew it was time to hit the mall.

One of the reasons teaching is such a cool profession is that you’re allowed to be creative and have fun with your wardrobe. When I think of how women in corporate careers are expected to dress, images of black-and-white pantsuits and patent leather pumps (which are cute but impossible to walk in, at least for me.) I always expect teachers, especially the younger ones, to wear bright colors and cute dress with ballerina flats and fun accessories (think Jess Day, Zooey Deschanel’s character on the show “New Girl.”) And that

Anyway, I took photos of what I wore the first week of school, so let me know what you think! (And yes, that’s a “tattoo” on my prosthetic arm.)

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