THIS is a disability

Last night as I was taking the train home from work, I spotted a woman with impossibly long nails. They had some outrageous, over-the-top design and were clearly fake. I couldn’t manage to snap a quick photo discreetly, but I can assure you that they looked something like the ones in the image above. Crazy, right?

Throughout the whole ride back, various questions crossed my mind: How does this woman use her cell phone with those nails? How does she wash the dishes? How does she type? How does she hold hands with her significant other? (I’ve had acrylic nails before, so I know how difficult it is to go about your daily routine while wearing them. And mine were never even close to being as long as that woman’s.) But seriously, how did she manage to do anything with those 3-inch nails getting in the way of everything?

And then I stopped and caught myself and thought, that’s just how it is with me. I was staring at this woman’s hands and wondering how she managed with her (dare I call it a) condition. And it was like the tables were turned because I realized that that’s how people look at me – with questions. They wonder about how I do things with one hand and how I survive in this two-handed world. But all they really know about me (and all I knew about that lady) just by looking at me wherever we are is that I get by. And I guess that’s the lesson learned here: even when you come across a person whose situation seems impossible or bizarre, they get by.



Caitlin Michelle


P.S. I wanted to give a shoutout to my good friend Marisol at The Nail & Makeup Whisperer. She just started blogging, so check out her awesome posts!

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